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just_ms_sassy started this conversation
hi well we are in north carolina and are about to be evecited from our home and the power is due to be shut off tomorrow. right now my bf is working on another place he is doing all the work that needs to be done for the first months rent and deposit. But someone has broken in and stole all his power tools everything that we had to work on our new place and our landlord here is going to file the evecition notice unless i can get him 350.00 this week.I was getting 272.00 on work first but they cut my check out due to my oldest daughter who this county wouldnt let back into reg. school when we moved back down here so she isnt in school now and she is 17. But they are telling me that she has to be in school in order to recive any help. and they also cut it because my youngest daughters attance in school when i went down to talk to them about this i asked since my oldest daughter is 17 how could she be forced to go to school . and the county wont let her reenter puplic school because of her age. but yet they cant take her off the workfirst case.and i took all of my younest daughters dr.'s notes and where she spent a week in the hospital and everything they said that wasnt good enough.right now im currently 700.00 behind in rent ,364.29 on my light bill . my family has been helping me as much as they can. I have filed for disablity but im still waiting to go to court on that and in the state of nc they say that there cases are back logged. but anyways i know that there is a god above and they have always told me to turn this over to him and he would see me threw . well i have turned this over to him and i just pray that he has one of his angels down here working to help us out of what we are being forced into ...or should i say out of. well god bless and i wish everyone here the very best.thanks if anyone can help me please contact me at   god bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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sorry to hear abour your hard times.

Along with what bluebird said 

Something you should consider:

 Your daugther can try to just take the test to get her GED if she qualifies. Look into that. Also since she is old enough she should go get a part time job in the meantime, since shes not in school she might as well be earning some money since you guys are so behind in payments.


Talk to wordsofwisdom

I will pray for you and your kids. If I were you I would do everything possible, call every place, call on my friends and don't stop until you have no stone unturned. God works through other people I truley believe so start calling and asking. Can you home school in your state? If it is the social security that is cutting your check because she is not in public school , thats against the law. If you can homeschool in your state send the required letter to the school district. Homeschooling has to be recognized by the us government, and most state offices of welfare. Look for an advocacy group in your state or hometown or nearby to help you  since you are disabled. You may have to cut your loses and move on. Instead of putting money on things that will not be enough stop paying the rent and get another cheaper place and work out payment arrangements with the untility companies. You are disabled ask the utility companies thier rule on disconnect with a disabled customer. I would cut my loses and move on as fast as possible. I have been homeless and I asked friends to let us stay with them. I had to humble down and get help. Sometimes the Lord has help for us we just can't see the forest for the trees. I will pray for you God bless you.

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